Sitting in a judge's seat at the Wanganui Racecourse was a nice change of pace for Kerry Ranginui.

The Project Runway NZ contestant joined rowing medallist Rebecca Scown and local fashionista Jenny Meade in judging the Protege Hairdressing Fashion in the Field entries for Christmas at the Races on December 1.

"It was great to be judging rather than being judged for a change," he says.

"I had fun - the other two judges were great and we had no trouble agreeing on the winners."


It was a great week for the Karen Walker pattern maker - celebrity judge in his hometown and the judges' favourite on Monday night's episode of Project Runway NZ.

"That was the challenge I had been most looking forward to and I was very pleased to win."

His impeccably tailored suit gave him the edge over the other contestants and it was Peni Moala from Arrowtown who was told to pack up his sewing kit.

Now there are just four of the original 14 contestants left and just two episodes left to run.

"It does get a lot harder at this stage," says Ranginui.

"The standard of work is very high and you have to work a lot harder to impress the judges because they have so few designs to look at now.

"There is a lot more close scrutiny than there was in the early episodes.

Whatever the outcome of Project Runway NZ, Ranginui says he will be in Whanganui for Christmas spending time with family, friends and relaxing at the beach.


Project Runway NZ: Mondays 7.30pm on TVNZ 2.