Fifty dollars buys a Mark Rayner original for a limited time only at the Mystery Box exhibition.

If you fancy owning Zombie in a Toupee, a modified Bosson Head named Bruce or Shirley, or even a Prozac Poodle you can pick them up at the Rayner Brothers Gallery in Glasgow St, Whanganui.

"I need to replace my kiln so I'm having a sale," Rayner said.

The multi award-winning artist said the works are a mix of old and new.


"Some of the works are from past exhibitions and others are new ideas I'm trying out."

Most of the Mystery Box pieces have red sold stickers although Rayner said he is replenishing the works.

"There is a cash and carry option so some people have already taken theirs home."

Rayner and his brother Paul moved from their Guyton St gallery to the converted Glasgow St villa owned by Bryce Smith and Sue Cooke in August 2017.

As well as the Rayner Brothers' Gallery, the arts centre houses Gallery 85 for guest exhibitions, studios, the Cuban Belle Cafe and a flat and studio for artists-in-residence.

The Wally Kirby exhibition Mid-Century Modern is showing at Gallery 85 at the moment and Rotorua painter and sculptor Sarah Zeissen is the current artist-in-residence.

Mystery Box is open for viewing at the Rayner Brothers Gallery from 11am to 3pm each Wednesday to Saturday until November 17.