Not so much the luck of the draw, more the roll of the dice as three Chronicle readers won themselves a free dinner.

The threesome had all pre-ordered copies of the glossy new book From the Sea to the Mountain, a 224-page lavish coffee table book that offers a wonderful insight into the Whanganui region's many attractions.

The book will be published next month and sold for $24.95, but pre-orders through the Chronicle were at a discount price of $19.95, and every pre-order secured an entry in the draw for three dinner vouchers.

Publisher Henry Newrick gave each book order a three-digit number and then it was simply a matter of Chronicle editor Mark Dawson rolling the dice to find the winning numbers.


Our three winners are Kai Hagener who wins a $50 voucher for Caroline's Boatshed; and Megan Hugo and Stephanie Robinson who each collect a $30 voucher for the Grand Hotel.

Bon appetit.