Sport Whanganui will soon have a new headquarters alongside the grass fields, hard wood courts, bike track and pools which are home to much of Whanganui's sports and leisure activities at Springvale Park.

Construction is underway in between the Jubilee and Springvale stadiums for a new Sports House, intended to be "a hub for community sport and recreation".

"The Sports House will initially be home to the Sport Whanganui team and a number of sport organisations with access to sport and health expertise and relative services including hot desks, meeting rooms and video conference facilities," said chief executive Danny Jonas.

So far, the development, which is estimated to cost over $1 millon, has involved Sport Whanganui buying the existing buildings – which were once home to the Whanganui Masters Games organisers.


They will be a part of the new complex.

Staff sharing the space will be those in IT support, health & safety and event management expertise, professional sports and health sector knowledge, reception services, and likely visitors from Sport NZ.

The build, which has Shane Stone Builders as the lead contractor, is expected to be completed by the end of February.

"The concept of a House/Hub has been on the board's agenda for some years," said Sport Whanganui's Chairman John Unsworth.

"The sale of our building and support from the great community funders NZCT, Four Regions Trust and the Lion Foundation has made it possible."

Whanganui District Council property manager Leighton Toy said the WDC is on board with the concept.

"We see the long term benefits and immediate opportunities the Sports House delivers."
Springvale Park was chosen for the location after extensive discussions.

Deciding factors were "proximity to the catchment area and potential user groups, social impact, opportunities for integration with community and commercial facilities, visibility of site, accessibility, zoning regulations and local authority planning rules and restrictions.


"Sport Whanganui will continue to keep the community updated with progress on the build and look forward to the opportunities and collaboration it will bring to the Whanganui region in the future."