Whanganui artist Justine Godsall finds joy in others' appreciation of her fanciful artworks so she has produced a book to help them create their own.

"I have been pleasantly surprised at the number of adults who respond to my work because I tended to think it might be more for children.

"I'm inspired by stories I read as a child and I love whimsical illustrations."

Godsall, who also works under the name Hand Me That Pencil, teaches art journaling classes and she has now created a 180-page workbook i just want to draw based on her workshops.


"I have made it for people outside Whanganui and for those who prefer to work by themselves at home.

"Some people are self-conscious about drawing in a group situation so this is for them."

The book is filled with tips, techniques and activities to inspire readers to start drawing and create their own fanciful illustrations.

It is a workbook "to unleash the creative magic hiding within you" says it's creator.

Her Paper Wanderers series of artworks recently sold out at the Winter Wonderfest Night Market so she has produced some more for her current joint exhibition with Frances Sim Higgins at Whanganui Arts at the Centre.

"The paper works are unframed because people like to choose their own frames and I have produced a series of round works on board as well."

Sim Higgins' bright mixed-media works grace one wall of the gallery and both artists can be found at Left Bank Art Supplies next door.

People who visit the exhibition can view and pre-order a copy of i just want to draw which will be officially published on October 1 or find out more at handmethatpencil.com
The Hand Me That Pencil and Frances Sim Higgins exhibition is open for viewing at Whanganui Arts at the Centre, 19 Taupo Quay Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm and from 10am to 1pm on Saturday.