Sublime Cafe has opened its plush new doors in the old ANZ building in Broadway in Marton.

The once very small and thriving Sublime Cafe, which was just up the road, has morphed into the new large, spacious cafe which in its first week has attracted a stream of customers daily.

Business was described by staff as hectic.

Owner Bryce Crawford said he knew the larger premises would work but even he had been amazed at just how busy it had been.


"It's not that I'm afraid of hard work or anything but we [Crawford and wife Kim] have been pretty blown away.''

The emphasis is on space, and the high cream walls and ceilings, wooden tables and chairs in the three-roomed complex - complete with a children's play area - make an inviting area for businesspeople and families alike.

Crawford said they were developing a garden area at the back for summer.

Though his cheese scones are and have always been a hit, the ''real'' cooking was done by his chef wife, he said.

"My cooking was and is just a hobby. Kim is the real thing.''

Even their two children, Logan (4) and Chloe (2), travel into work with them each day and are keen to be part of the work gang.

"They're not here all day but they are here for an hour or so with us and they love it. Logan now has a small hand-held vacuum cleaner and is always keen on getting out there and cleaning. He's not shy at all.''

Crawford admits life is pretty hectic.


As well as the new cafe in Marton, he owns the coffee cart in Bulls and is a volunteer fireman there.

He tries to take the odd day off for a bit of skiing or fishing.

The family live in Bulls.

Starting work at 3am most days is his modis operandi.

"I won't say you get used to it but you do get to not mind too much."

He said when he and Kim get the children off to bed at about 7pm they both breathe a sigh of relief.

"The other night the kids had just gone to bed and the fire alarm went up and I had to rush out to a chimney fire just up the road.''

And only week ago he had to assist at the bus crash near Sanson involving 18 people.

"That was pretty awful. Yeah some days are really mad. But it's great being able to have our family together every day. I love it that we don't have to leave our children behind.''