Drivers are ignoring the new signs at the Fitzherbert Ave-Totara St intersection, creating the prospect of more accidents at the troublesome corner.

In July the corner was changed to a T-intersection giving priority to Fitzherbert Ave traffic, with stop and give way signs controlling traffic in and out of Totara St. The changes followed a spate of accidents, many involving Fitzherbert Ave resident Sandra Watson's fence being hit by vehicles.

Horizons Regional Council Roadsafe co-ordinator Glenda Leitao said Whanganui police are keeping a close eye on the intersection because drivers are not obeying the signs.

"The police have advised me that people are not stopping at the stop sign, even though it's well signposted.


"A rolling stop is not a complete stop and some drivers are going straight through. The police are keeping an eye on it but they don't want to be sitting there ticketing people. Drivers need to come to a complete stop at the stop sign."