When a man parked his car in Whanganui to do some shopping, he had no idea that when he returned it would have incurred thousands of dollars worth of damage, thanks to
Rapene Hone Pikirangi Edwards.

Edwards had believed the man parked too close to his vehicle and he became infuriated and lashed out at the man's car.

Edwards was sentenced to 80 hours' community work for wilful damage and ordered to pay $1,439 reparation by Judge Garry Barkle in Whanganui District Court yesterday.

"The defendant opened his driver's door and slammed it a number of times on the victim's vehicle, damaging the right rear door," police prosecutor Stephen Butler said.


"He then reversed his vehicle out of the park, also hitting the victim's vehicle with his and causing further damage to the right rear guard and driver's door."

Edwards attempted to leave the car park, driving the wrong way and nearly causing an accident.

He got out to confront a witness who saw what damage he had done, then left the scene and returned again when police had arrived.

"He initially stated he was sorry and wanted to sort it out with the police and the victim, who also arrived back at their car a short time later," Butler said.

"It became clear he had no intention to sort the matter out. He was told he was under arrest, but argued and pulled away."

Police used pepper spray to control Edwards and contain the situation.

Edwards is unemployed, and was ordered to pay the reparation at $20 per week.

He was also sentenced to 100 hours of community work for resisting police, which will be served at the same time as the 80-hour sentence for wilful damage.