Members of merging clubs Wanganui Cosmopolitan Club and RSA Wanganui are being asked to come up with ideas for a name for their new club.

The two clubs have formed a Working Together committee to oversee the transition and they are moving forward "without delay but without undue haste".

RSA's liquor licence and gaming licence both expire in early September and the St Hill Street building is now listed with Bayley's Real Estate.

"Our members are all accepting of the fact that we have to move," says RSA Wanganui president Geoff Chowles.


"The national body and other branches have been very supportive in helping us with the transition."

Chowles says clubs like Vista at Paraparaumu Beach, which formed from the RSA and Kapiti clubs, provide a good guideline for Whanganui.

Working Together committee chairman Darren Hull says he is pleased to report that the committee has been working very well.

"This is in large part due to all members being considerate of each club's needs and a combined desire to see a successful amalgamation," he says.

The committee completed a memorandum of understanding which was presented to executive members of both clubs for ratification yesterday.

Chowles said all RSA Wanganui memorabilia will be the responsibility of the club's welfare organisation.

"Some of the Air Force items will be displayed at the Wanganui Airport Control Tower museum where they will be well cared for and other items will be displayed in designated rooms at the Cossie Club premises."

Bayleys has told the RSA there have been some "strong expressions of interest" in the St Hill Street building.


The management structure of the new amalgamated club will consist of a management board at the higher level and an entertainment and social committee.

"The committee is excited about the progress made to date and foresees a successful amalgamation to the benefit of both clubs," says Hull.

He says the committee understands its importance to both clubs and their members and appreciates the continued support of both club executives.