Whanganui businessman and motorcycle enthusiast Mike Paul has a dream he is prepared to spend $1 million on.

Paul wants to build a motorcycle museum and has asked Whanganui District Council to help find a suitable site.

But he is becoming frustrated that he can't go ahead with the project.

"I have had discussions with Mayor Hamish McDouall and the council's property manager, Leighton Toy.


"We have talked about the land on Taupo Quay where the brick train sculpture is and that would be a perfect site."

Paul's vision is for a second storey with a cafe and corporate box for viewing the annual Cemetery Circuit races.

"The rest of the building, I want to turn in to the National Motorbike Museum of New Zealand.

"I have talked to the Cemetery Circuit organisers, motorcycle clubs and people who can supply us with a lot of interesting memorabilia.

"Everyone has been extremely positive and there have been no negative responses to the proposal."

McDouall supports the proposal but says the Taupo Quay site is not suitable.

"I am very enthusiastic about this proposal and have spent considerable time discussing the idea with Mr Paul and other interested parties," he says.

"I have also put time and effort into trying to find alternative sites for the development and would welcome further discussion with Mr Paul."

The mayor says Paul's preferred site on Taupo Quay cannot be built on because it is located over the Churton Stream Culvert, a 1350mm diameter pipeline that services the entire Churton Creek Catchment (Springvale, parts of College Estate and parts of the Central City/Hatrick area).

However, Paul says he has consulted an engineer who advised it would be possible to build on the site without blocking access to the culvert.

"We came up with several ways we could accommodate the council's access needs.

"I was not prepared to spend the money on a full engineering report until I knew the site was being seriously considered.

"I asked to meet with the mayor and council infrastructure staff and was told it would be a couple of weeks but it's been over two months."

Paul says other sites were discussed but the Taupo Quay site, often used by freedom campers, is by far the most suitable.

Other suggested sites were the dog pound in Ridgway St which would have no space for parking and the Robert Holden corner at the Guyton and Heads Rds intersection but the owner was not prepared to sell.

"The Taupo Quay site would provide adequate parking, river views on one side and great views of all five bends of the Cemetery Circuit when the racing is on."

Paul just wants to see some action.

"There are people with great stories and items from Whanganui's motorcycling history and they may not be around to share them if we wait too long."