Chaos on roads

Once upon a time there was a place called Wanganui.

In that city was a Grinch who sat behind a desk thinking up dastardly plans and, with devilish glee and a bold stroke of his pen, he drew up plans to cause chaos for the poor old motorist who dares to enter the central business district of this glorious city.

Seriously though, who gave the go-ahead to the changes we are putting up with around our city?


Left-hand free turns obliterated, more traffic lights installed, double lanes (which kept traffic flowing) removed, causing gridlock at busy times. Frustrated motorists are left to dream of the days when traffic flowed smoothly - especially in St Hill St.

As for the big wide cycle paths to accommodate the almost non-existent hordes of cyclists who are supposed to be cycling out to the sea ... ?

Please Mr Grinch, give some thought to the poor motorists and take your brilliant plans to build roads up to the moon where dreamers deserve the best.


Let traffic flow
Having passed through the St Hill St and Ridgeway St intersection several times recently, I concur with reported views from other drivers (Chronicle, May 18) that a roundabout is infinitely superior to traffic lights in aiding traffic flow.

I have the impression our council has the same mindset as the Jaffasville Council in their efforts to place every possible impediment in the way of motorists who pay vehicle licensing, road user charges, insurance, WOFs, fuel taxes and fuel levies.

Could our council's intention be to force motorists off the roads and convert them to non-paying users of the roadways such as cyclists and pedestrians who appear to be being promoted as the new priority users of our roads?

The same report mentions that more traffic lights are planned, along with new road markings.


Is it too much to seek two unmentioned improvements? First, linking the traffic lights and timing them so as to avoid motorists encountering a red light at every intersection as they drive on St Hill and Wilson Sts.

Secondly, in view of the confusing and alternating changing lanes in which to stop in at these traffic lights, could a set of road markings be made further out when approaching these intersections? Currently, it only takes two vehicles stopped at these intersections to obscure the existing road markings. (Abridged)


More wastage
Ratepayers still wait for facts and figures from the glass school for our generous donation of another top-up of $34,000.

From the phone calls I have had regarding this waste of money, it was not a wise move by the council.

Now we have more wastage in adult education. Didn't council donate ratepayers' money a few months ago as they couldn't make ends meet?

Never mind, all will be sorted when you pay to go on a three-week course and learn where to put (in a polite way) your apostrophes.

This council was voted in because the majority wanted to stop wasting money - where are those voices to vote in such wastage?

This town is made up of retired folk, many on fixed incomes. We are not attracting younger people and families because of the high rates plus no jobs. (Abridged)


Weak views
Why do homosexuality advocates bother opposing Christianity regarding sin, judgment and Hell?

Contemporary Christians often express weak and conflicting views.

Their personal opinions drag the Bible into the realm of relativism so that it is easily dismissed as man-made religion.

Political correctness is a tool that subjugates - from Lenin to Mao, and now the liberal left. The "private interpretation of the Scriptures" does not invite reinterpretation or watering down the message to avoid being called a homophobe. That term is contrived and pejorative.

Judgment? "The soul who sins shall die." Hell? "Fear not those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell." Plain enough, as is: "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman."

The good news is that Jesus the Christ came to seek and to save sinners. (Abridged)