Whanganui couple Mark and Nicola Goodier are likely to take on the Earthquake Commission in the Whanganui High Court in September, their son Louis says.

The June 2015 flood and rain event caused a huge slip on the pair's section in Shakespeare Rd. The slip took out part of the driveway and undermined the garage.

The house tilted very slightly and was red-stickered as dangerous by Whanganui District Council. The Goodiers had to move to rented accommodation.

The Earthquake Commission (EQC) has offered them $76,000 to repair the slip and $38,000 to fix the garage. But Louis Goodier says it would cost more than $200,000 to repair the slip.


The house is insured, but their insurer doesn't have to pay to fix it unless EQC estimates will cost more than $115,000 to repair.

The house was in "really good nick" in 2015, Goodier said, but has developed leaks and cracks since. The burglar who took some of the Goodiers' possessions has been caught, but it's unlikely he can make reparation.

Nicola and Mark Goodier are stressed by the long dispute and their loss of capital, and their health has suffered.

They have had one meeting to attempt mediation, and over nearly three years EQC has spent many thousands of dollars on engineers and geotechnical reports on their property.

Those costs must be easily more than the payout they need, Louis Goodier said.

"It's not in anyone's interest to take this to court. Financially it would make more sense to settle and let it go away."

No court date has been set so far.