Four Whanganui artists are celebrating colour with the Vibrant Frequency exhibition showing at Gallery on Guyton.

Rere Sutherland has been experimenting with allowing paint to find its own form on canvas during the past year and her works in this exhibition range from subtle mauves to deep purples to vibrant primary colour combinations.

"I haven't used primaries much and I am really pleased with how they work together," she said.

Tanea Ngapeke's combination of three paintings, Hine-nui-te-pō, celebrate the underworld goddess in shades ranging from midnight blue to bright indigo.


"We think of her as being dark but I wanted to represent the different shades of her personality."

Sandy De Kock, known for her bright, bold, large works, is in familiar territory with the vibrancy theme.

"I have scaled things down with these works," she said.

De Kock's signature brightness is contained within smaller frames and she has added multimedia effects with coloured paper shapes incorporated in the paintings.

Lysha Brennan said she loves the "magpie" culture of many New Zealanders who like to collect and hoard bright, beautiful objects.

"Many of my works, I have painted on re purposed objects such as second-hand coasters or old tables."

Her circular works feature a large, glossy central piece featuring precious objects surrounded by a series of "moons" painted on re purposed coasters.

The details on the moons are made with glow-in-the-dark paints so they shine at night time.


The Vibrant Frequency exhibition is showing at Gallery on Guyton until May 12.