Feelings of jitters and bursts of giggles made Lola Fisher and Quinn Ashby an excited pair.

The Whanganui bookworms had the opportunity of lifetime meeting their "favourite writer of all times" - R A Spratt.

The Australian author stopped off in Wellington last Wednesday to appear at the Writers and Readers Schools Day festival.

Lola, 9, and Quinn, 11, took 28 R A Spratt books to be signed at the festival, including some from the Whanganui District Library.


Lola said she loved the books because they were full of mystery and hilariously funny.

"In one of her books she gatecrashes a wedding and she told us she got the idea from a chocolate foundation at Kmart.

"In the book she dips her whole body in the foundation which is pretty funny."

The pair got all their books signed and even managed to get a cheeky selfie.