A Castlecliff resident fears a truck will "wipe someone out" around Heads Rd, Mosston Rd and Hinau St where Whanganui District Council is installing stormwater pipes.

Karli Stevens, who lives near the corner of Mosston and Heads roads, believes there is not enough warning for truckies approaching the works where there have already been several accidents.

"I hear trucks slamming on the anchors as they're hitting the roadworks near my corner," Ms Stevens said.

"It's a blind corner and they're going to wipe someone out. There are no signs telling them to slow down. You can hear the brakes screeching because they are having to turn at the last minute.


"It's okay for local truck drivers because they know what's happening but out-of-town truckies have no idea and they are the ones getting caught out and nearly having accidents."

Ms Stevens said 30km/h speed restriction signs were placed only three metres from the roadworks.

Residents were also concerned that large concrete pipes were left on the berm, blocking visibility for vehicles coming out of driveways.

"The contractors leave the diggers in the middle of the roadworks so you can't see but I can understand why they would need to leave them there," Ms Stevens said.

"But they could move the cylinders from the berm when they're not working – there can be between one and five at a time."

Ms Stevens said she had contacted the Whanganui District Council who told her to talk to the contractor, Bullocks. She felt Bullocks had "brushed me off".

The council's senior stormwater engineer, Kritzo Venter, did not consider there was a safety issue at the site.

"The site complies with the NZTA Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management on the Road Corridor," Mr Venter said.


"We have been regularly monitoring the Mosston Rd project since September last year and have implemented improvements to traffic safety as and when needed.

"There are 'roadworks ahead' signs at each end of the worksite, before traffic reaches the speed restriction signs. These signs comply with the NZTA Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management on the Road Corridor and give ample warning to approaching traffic."

However, a number of changes have been made at the site since the Wanganui Chronicle contacted the council about Ms Stevens' concerns.

Mr Venter said the council inspected the site on Friday, February 23.

"We discovered the 30km/h speed restrictions signs were too close to the site and they were moved to a distance of a minimum of 45 metres. This was the best option for these particular roadworks, based on the national Code of Practice. There is no set rule as every site is different.

"The contractor has voluntarily moved the concrete pipes from the berm, although we believe there was no issue with visibility."

The council says Mosston Rd will be closed to traffic travelling south between Tongariro St and Heads Rd from Monday, March 5, to Saturday, April 28, while a stormwater pipe is installed.


Mosston Rd will remain open to all traffic travelling north towards Springvale.

Pedestrian and cycle access will be available at all times during the closure, although southbound cyclists should dismount and use the footpath.