You don't need Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or any of those social things to get the celebrity goss.

They're splashed across all the weekly women's mags.

What a deal that must be between the mag pages and the camera action ... made in heaven!

As I see it, celebrities can be any old person who has done a small dash on the tele.
It is not a prerequisite that fame has come via a great singing voice, a massive acting or literary talent, or even family where dad turned into a girl and the girls in the family have massive derrieres or hot booty in Hollywood lingo.


However, I digress.

This review is actually to enlighten and help you keep up with need-to-know moments about your latest tele stars.

So Married at First Sight Australia (utter drongos). All their amours and feelings ... rest assured they're checking flat out that they're "all on the same page'' .

It's so difficult to comprehend that three emotional "experts'' raved on about how the programme was a scientific experiment for those who had lost out through various relationships.

The applicants have talked volubly about being dumped, having their hearts hammered, pierced and tortured ... you'd think crucifixion was a chosen love punishment.
Social experiment. Really?

Absolutely not folks, this is unsullied soap opera orchestrated and scripted to the max.

So last night's episode when Dean (husband of Tracey) sleazes a sly, slippery meeting with Davina (wife of Ryan) outside beside the shrubs while the dinner party with all the matched up pairs continued indoors. Powerful soapie stuff.

But Dean as he slithers into wooing mode by first being despicable about his wife Tracey ... "No offence to Tracey but her looks are not her best quality," he tells Davina.


No offence ... but what an unbridled cad and bounder he is. Dean is so done in my book.

Looking to Sunday is the ''commitment" ceremony for all the couples to talk about their innermost or uppermost feelings

It will of course be revolting but as one of the contestants sagely said;
"It's quite funny how other people's misfortunes make you feel better."