Town kids will get to experience a bit of country-style play in a new venture being set up in London St.

Michaela Carr, who has spent 10 years working as an early childhood teacher, is bringing her love of the outdoors to her new business, Country Cafe and Playland, which is currently being built in the former St John Garden Centre premises.

"Inside there'll be a cafe and a nice relaxing space for mums and bubs with couches, toys and a soft floor," Miss Carr said.

"Next year I plan to build a function room on the other side of the cafe where we can cater for corporate meetings and that can also be an area for people who don't have children to enjoy the cafe."


Outside, Miss Carr is building a custom-designed playground that will have a country vibe.

"There'll be two areas, ones for younger and older children, with climbing forts, slides, steps, climbing walls and country-style obstacle courses. There will also be sandpits and two areas with revolving activity stations - one day they might have Lego, another day things like playdough or nerf guns."

The outdoor space will also have three areas for children's parties and an astroturf area for ball games.

"It will be something really different and a real challenge for kids," Miss Carr said.

"I believe it's really beneficial for children to be in a natural environment, rather than surrounded by plastic."

Miss Carr is waiting for approval from Whanganui District Council on some aspects of the project but says the council has been "amazing and forthcoming with information".

Opening of the business will depend on when all the consent requirements are signed off and construction can be completed.