As a member of Castlecliff Golf Club for over 50 years, Arthur (Chum) Simcox has a well ingrained routine for when he tees off.

That's why he was bending down to pick up his tee and didn't see why his two playing partners were so excited at the fourth hole on Wednesday, as the 86-year-old had just scored a Hole in One.

Simcox was using a 5-wood on the Par 3 hole, roughly 150m from tee to green.

"You're playing from a rise, or hill, to a flat surrounded by bunkers. It was a pretty lucky shot."


It was the second ace of the veterans playing career, the previous coming over a decade ago on the ninth hole.

"You got to hit a lot of balls before they go in the hole.

"They're pure luck, there's no doubt about that.

"It's easy to say, 'you aimed at the flag', but whether they go in the hole is another thing."

The octogenarian was also conservative with his celebrations back at the clubhouse.

"At my age, you drive very carefully after one handle."

Simcox likes to get out for a round on Wednesdays and the weekends, depending on weather and course bookings.

It is believed to be the fourth Hole in One in the greater Whanganui region this year.