Rawiri Morice is young, keen and proud.

Two weeks ago in Canterbury he won the NZ junior Skeet shooting title.

Rawiri, who has only been shooting for two years, hasn't had any formal training.
"My mum is ex-Army and she loves shooting and she's really good."

Rawiri had represented the North Island Junior Skeet Team in the North/South Island Skeet competition where he shot his first 25/25.
"A year ago I was with mum at a competition and one of the judges told mum that I should have a go. I did and I loved it. I somehow just knew what to do. It was a great feeling."


The year 9 student reckons having "young eyes'' helps.

"Well that's what the judges said.''

The 12 top shooters for Open, top 6 shooters for Ladies, Juniors, and Veterans in Canterbury were selected to represent New Zealand and shoot in the Australia/New Zealand Skeet Postal Challenge.

Rawiri had shot a 46/50 that gained him the title.

Going to shooting events with his mum was fun, he said.
"We have a good day out and get to meet heaps of people.''

He finishes year 9 this week at Taihape Area school but said he's not really sure at this stage what he wants to do when he finishes school.'
"I like school. I enjoy learning. I'll think of something.''

Until then competing as a shooter is a fantastic hobby, he said.
"I have my own gun now and travel with mum to all the events.''