The driver of a train which hit an abandoned stolen car on the Aramoho Rail Bridge has the sympathy of many Whanganui people.

Fortunately the train driver received no physical injuries in the collision which happened about 4.45am yesterday, on the Whanganui East side of the bridge. The car, which had been driven on to the tracks before being abandoned, was removed around 7.50am. Police are investigating.

The community took to Whanganui social media pages, expressing their concern for the emotional wellbeing of the train driver and anger towards whoever abandoned the car on the tracks.

Many of the angry comments are not suitable for publication but below are some from the Wanganui Chronicle's Facebook page that we can share.


Carol Whitlock: "How totally brainless some people are! Feel sorry for the train driver; he probably couldn't even be sure there was no one in the car."

Joy Zillah Clark: "Poor driver. Imagine what he went through. #ScumOfTheEarth to do this to him."

Sandy Bing: "I worked for the railways for many years and I have seen the results!!! A lot of them have long-term issues. They were not to know there was no one in the car."

Megan Holmes: "Wow, I feel for the train driver - his heart must of skipped a beat."

Glenys Crawshaw: "I saw an elderly lady get run over by a train at Aramoho when I worked on the railway station there. The horror felt by the driver of this train can only be imagined in your worst nightmares. You sickos. Unbelievable."