Whanganui River Developments directors Tony Hodge, Rod Trott, and Henry Newrick want to celebrate Whanganui and promote our region to the world, making the most of this resurgence.

From the Sea to the Mountain is to be a hardcover coffee-table book, with publication scheduled for April 2018, shining a spotlight on our region from Hawera to Turakina along the coast, and up to Taumarunui in the north.

Managing director Tony Hodge explains that the goal of the book is to "remind the rest of New Zealand, and to tell the world, what makes Whanganui 'magic'".

The publishers have appointed John Maslin, former editor of the Wanganui Chronicle, as editor of the upcoming book. Articles have been commissioned by local writers, and centre on four main themes: visit, live, study and invest. Mr Maslin says that to his knowledge, no one has ever produced a book like this about Whanganui.


The aim of the book is to "lay out, for those who have never visited Whanganui, all of the great things our region has to offer: the educational facilities, the lifestyle, the investment opportunities," says Mr Maslin. "It is a high-end publication," he says, "and the idea is that the book be timeless, and that the content remain relevant for several years."

To fund this project some of the editorial will be sponsored, and the publishers are also offering advertising spots to local businesses. Nationwide marketing initiatives include iSites and bookstores around the country, and those who have financially supported the project in some way will receive an allocation of books free of charge to distribute as they see fit.

In addition, From the Sea to the Mountain will also be promoted to New Zealand embassies, trade offices and consulates around the world, to encourage visitors and potential residents to choose Whanganui. To help facilitate this ambitious goal, the pure editorial section will also be translated into Chinese. Sponsored editorial can be translated into any language the advertiser wishes.

Local officials and the business community have spoken out in support of this book, with mayor Hamish McDouall saying that it will "showcase what makes Whanganui a special place to live and work," adding, "I love to let visitors, new citizens, and investors in the place know why we are so proud of our home."