Those behind Marton's new multi-sport turf say it's about bringing the community into Rangitikei College.

The facility was officially opened on Friday afternoon but it has already been used for several weeks by students and the public.

The turf cost more than $400,000 and was jointly funded by the college and Rangitikei District Council, meaning the facility is open for public use.

The council put in $100,000 and the balance of the insurance payout from Centennial Park after damage from the 2015 flooding was cleaned up.


The turf includes four tennis courts, four netball courts, a basketball court, a new football field and a half hockey turf.

Rangitikei College head of PE Aletia Thompson said initial use of the turf had highlighted its benefits.

"It gives us somewhere we can teach and not have to have 60 students in the gym at the same time," she said.

"We've even been playing softball out here because our grounds are still wet. It also means the students have it for lunchtime and don't have to be out on the wet field."

The turf has also hosted sports days for local primary schools.

"When they come in it's actually exciting for us and we're happy to help them out with gear," Ms Thompson said.

"It's just good to have people in the school."

Principal Tony Booker said it was about bringing sport to the front of the school.

"The key thing is it's this partnership with the community," he said.

"We see the school very much as a part of the community and that means not just saying it but doing something about it.

"If the school thrives, the community thrives."

The school's next plan was to install lights and it was looking for funding.

"But we are committed to doing that."

It is also in process of creating a purpose football field next to the turf.

Rangitikei Mayor Andy Watson said the turf would be fantastic for Marton and the school.