Two Castlecliff schools are joining forces for a mini-gala and a fireworks display on the beach.

It's the start of what Castlecliff and Aranui schools hope will be greater collaboration between them.

The fireworks display will be held at 9pm on November 10 on the Rangiora St beach, in front of the surf club. Starting at 6.30pm will be a mini-gala with a sausage sizzle, refreshments, games and raffles, in the Duncan Pavilion car park.

Castlecliff School principal Katherine Ellery said both events would have free entry, and were for the whole community to enjoy.


"We hope people will come along to the fireworks display, but also to our gala event beforehand," she said.

Ms Ellery said if all goes well the event will become an annual one.

She said the two schools had decided to collaborate rather than compete against each other for students.

"We're both Castlecliff schools, and we want Castlecliff kids to go to Castlecliff schools. At the moment there are seven buses a day that take Castlecliff kids to schools outside the area, and we'd like that to stop."

Ms Ellery said the schools' boards already hold a joint meeting once a term.