Great balls of fire! The Durie Hill School Great Ball Race is back!

The Great Ball Race sees up to 1500 golf balls dropped from the top of the Durie Hill tower, in a race to see which ball will finish the 176-step journey first.

The event is a fundraiser for Durie Hill School, and was last held in 2013, principal Geoff Simes said.

"We decided not to make it an annual event - we want to keep it a little bit novel."


Participants can purchase a numbered ball for $5 each from the school office. On the day, all the balls will be taken to the top of the Durie Hill tower in a bin then released down the steps.

The winner will be the owner of the first ball to reach the bottom.

"The first 12 places will receive a prize, all donated by local businesses," Mr Simes said.

"First prize is $500 cash. And there will also be a random lucky draw, and that person will win a scooter."

Mr Simes said the Great Ball Race was an idea that came from the school's parent support group about 15 years ago.

"We thought it was a unique idea, and something that was relevant to our location.

"The parent support group organise the event and run it - it's really their thing."

Mr Simes said all proceeds from the Great Ball Race will go towards painting and upgrading Durie Hill School's swimming pool.


+The Great Ball Race will start with a mini-gala beneath the Durie Hill tower at 11am, on November 19. The Great Ball Race will take place at 1.30pm. Balls can be purchased from the Durie Hill School office for $5 each.