The Meads Cup will be paraded through the streets of Whanganui - but what form that parade will take hasn't yet been decided.

Steeform Wanganui beat Horowhenu-Kapiti Coast 30-14 in the final of Meads Cup rugby competition in Levin on Saturday. Wanganui is the only team to have reahed three Meads Cup finals in a row.

Whanganui Mayor Hamish McDouall - who delayed travelling to Auckland on council business so he could attend the match - said he was thrilled by the win, and wanted to celebrate in an appropriate way.

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Editorial: Let's enjoy making history ... and no gloating!


"My first thought was that the team could lead the Santa Parade," Mr McDouall said. The parade will be held on December 2.

"But I haven't spoken to the rugby union yet about it. I'm happy if they indicate they'd rather have their own parade."

Mr McDouall was supposed to be in Auckland on a council matter on Saturday. Instead he went to Levin to watch the match, then flew up to Auckland later.

"It was a great match. I was pulling my hair out at half-time, but they really came alive in the second half.

"The win was very well-deserved. The quality of the team was outstanding, as well as their determination and cohesion," Mr McDouall said.