An earthquake and a cyclone, ended the first two attempts to bring the Breast Cancer Foundation's Pink Caravan to Whanganui.

But on Wednesday, Mother Nature permitting, it will be here as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The caravan will be outside Supervalue supermarket in Gonville from 9am to 4pm, with nurses Trish Sole and Gillian Mockford offering advice and information.

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"We're looking forward to hosting anyone who wants to know more about breast health," said Ms Mockford.

"We have lots of information that people can take away with them and hand out to whanau and friends, too."

One of the caravan's attractions is Bessie, the foundation's life-like torso featured recently on Seven Sharp. Bessie shows visible signs of breast cancer, and also harbours lumps that can only be found by using correct self-checking technique - which the nurses can teach.

"Women are often surprised to learn what a lump actually feels like," Ms Sole said.

Over 50 people are diagnosed with breast cancer each year in the Whanganui district, and around five die. It is the most common cancer for New Zealand women.

Research shows that the earlier it is detected, the better the outcome, so the foundation recommends women become breast aware from age 20.