Whanganui Regional Museum celebrated the Whanganui Literary Festival with a book-themed holiday.

Designed by museum educator Margie Beautrais, the museum held a series of workshops that included paper-making, marbling paper, bookbinding and printmaking. The last of these included making book covers using set type and a letterpress machine that had belonged to the Wanganui Chronicle.

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Rachael Garland from the museum said there had been a lot of interest in the programme.


"All the workshops have been packed - full to the brim. And we've found that a lot of the kids have been coming to all the workshops, not just one.

"The great thing is that the workshops are suitable for kids of all ages, and we've had quite a few parents joining in as well."

Ms Garland said the museum's holiday programme continues this week with a "crazy critter" theme.

There will be rock painting, dress-ups, collage-making and mask-making.

"Crazy Critters is based on some of the collection we have housed in the museum on Ridgway St - things like cats, birds, rabbits and a baboon. Kids love them," Ms Garland said.

Check the Whanganui Regional Museum's Facebook page for details, or call 349 1110.