Saturday's MMP election shambles has turned up a man who will decide who will make up the government for the next three years and the direction it will take.

Goodness me, he couldn't even win his own seat!

Monday's Chronicle published Winston Peters' wish list. I am not a WP fan nor a NZ First follower, however, all of the points in his list are agreeable to me, especially if the two referendums mentioned are binding and to be enacted within this term.

If National were to carry on with their current economic policies, make ; make Winston Peters the deputy prime minister and adopt all of his list and they would be in power for the next three or four terms.


Sickly rivers

D T S Grace is obviously a very elderly person, so he/she must remember that until recent times our rivers were our sewers.

Yet people swam and fished in the sewers and obviously didn't get sick because we have not heard them tell us of the sicknesses - they keep saying the rivers were healthy.

It makes you think their immune systems must have been stimulated, something that is not happening now - obvious by the amount of sickness that seems to be about.

G R SCOWN, Whanganui
Divine design

G R Scown again espouses his atheistic religion while dismissing belief in a creator as superstition.

Anyone who studies the incredible complexity and variety of life on our planet cannot fail to be awed by the amazing cleverness of design and delicate balance in the natural world.

The beauty and order of natural laws and the natural environment point to the One who made them and sustains them.

Morality is anathema to atheistic thinking which demands a chance, random, survival of the fittest mentality. If people are simply a product of random processes and chemical reactions, there is no benefit in considering the needs of others, saving rather than taking life, or being faithful to one's spouse.

G R Scown is a product of God's imagination, loved by God and with a purpose beyond his own narrow understanding. I pray that he may come to know his Maker, before he has to face Him.