Seven students from UCOL Whanganui's School of Design have used the paint medium to explore aspects of their personal lives.

The works are on display in the atrium at Whanganui UCOL and each student has produced work that reflects their own experience.

Lecturer Lorraine Webb gave her second year students a brief to research the work of two established artists from a list that includes Kura te Waru Rewiri, Katharina Grosse, Kristine Moran, Michael Simpson and Ngatai Taepa.

The students were required to use acrylic or oil paints on flat or three-dimensional surfaces exploring themes of culture and emotions, myths and legends, public places, city maps, etc.


Mina Bourke chose Kowhai Park as the subject for her series entitled Kowhai Toanga.

"I chose to use bright acrylic paints to illustrate the recognisable features of the park but I have experimented with the perspectives."

Sonia Forsey's works are black on white and her partner and son are the subjects although only the lower parts of their faces are visible as they stand clutching new-laid eggs in their backyard.

"I wanted them to look like black and white photos."

The project is intended to develop the students' exploration and manipulation of materials, scale and surface.

Hybrid Painting works are on display in the UCOL atrium during campus hours.