Drop and kiss car parking will be introduced outside St George's school on Liverpool St.

The parks, which will have a two minute time restriction, are designed for school drop-offs but will apply at all times.

"It's got a little nickname of drop and kiss," Whanganui District Council's senior roading engineer Rui Leitao said.

The rules, which were requested by the school, will run the stretch of Liverpool St near the entrance to St George's.


There will be also be no parking within five metres of the school gate.

The changes were approved by council's infrastructure and special projects committee on Tuesday.

"It is a first for us here," Mr Leitao said.

"We are working with other schools that might need it in the future."

Other minor parking changes include two parks to be removed on Glasgow St to improve the sight of drivers coming out of the new First Vets.

One park on Indus St outside Cleveland Funeral Home will be turned into a disabled park.

"I don't actually believe it affects the other businesses there," Mr Leitao said.