Performance and pesonality have combined to secure young Whanganui motocross rider Jet Ashworth a spot at the Monster Energy Pacific Cup event in Tahiti this weekend.

The 11-year-old is one of four riders to represent New Zealand at the international event featuring riders of all age groups from throughout the world.

Father Darren Ashworth said the event was run by the Tahitian government and all expenses were covered.

"The bikes were crated up late last week and taken over. It will be an awesome experience for him. He will be competing against older riders. Here in New Zealand we have about four different divisions that make up the one grade they will lump all our young into," Ashworth senior said.


"Jet will compete on his 85cc TM, an Italian-designed machine and he has been selected on his performances and his cheeky, positive attutude. He has only just turned 11, but will be racing against guys up to 16-year-old.

"It will be pretty tough conditions with the temperature around 30 degrees at the moment.
He won't be alone, though. Two Taranaki guys he knows are also going - Josh Varney is also on an 85cc bike and he's about 13, while Zak Heatherington is in the MX2."
back home young Ashworth receives support from Forest Services and Training, Waverley Harvesting and Whitelock Suzuki.