September is here - and that means it's World Alzheimers Month.

On September 23, in Whanganui a stream of people dressed in purple tees will be seen taking part in the 2017 Memory Walk.

Wendy Paterson from Alzheimers Whanganui said the memory walk is for people of all ages and abilities to raise awareness of dementia.

"It's also to honour family and community members who have been or are affected by dementia."


People participating in the event pay a $5 registration fee and are given a purple T-shirt to ensure a "striking spectacle".

Walkers will assemble at 10.15am at the silver globe at the Rivertraders Market on Taupo Quay.

Alzheimers New Zealand estimated that by 2050 more than 170,000 Kiwis will be living with dementia.

The total cost of dementia to New Zealand is around $1.7billion and is estimated to reach around $5billion by 2050.

For information about the Memory Walk email Sharon at or phone 345 8833.

A few facts about Alzheimers:

-Alzheimers is the most common disease of dementia.

-Dementia is an umbrella term used to describe a group of symptoms that change and damage the brain.


-The most common symptoms include changes in: memory, thinking, behaviour, personality and emotion.

-Anyone can get dementia but the likelihood increases as people age.

-Dementia is progressive and cannot be prevented, cured or slowed.