Two couples have appealed against an overhead transmission line proposed to take electricity from a wind farm to a Waverley sub station, South Taranaki District Council environmental services manager John McKenzie says.

The couples are Michael and Angela Connell and Phillip and Rosemary Godderidge. The Connells live in Fookes St and the Godderidges in Swinbourne St.

Those streets are on the outskirts of Waverley. The proposed transmission line would take electricity from the wind farm and along those streets to a sub station.

The line would be 14m high, on poles.


The appellants have asked South Taranaki District Council to zone their streets, which has never been done.

If they are zoned residential, industrial or commercial the electricity generator, Tilt Renewables, will have to run the transmission line underground. If they are zoned rural, the line can go on poles.

The couples are concerned the lines will interrupt their rural views. They may also make a noise, and Mrs Godderidge would like those verges kept open because a pony club rides on them.

Mr McKenzie is unsure whether the appeal would hold up the whole 48-turbine Waverley Wind Farm, or whether it is limited to the transmission line.

The Chronicle understands the couples only want the line past their houses underground, and don't intend to halt the development.

Tilt Renewables has 10 years in which to build the wind farm.