"It was a grace of good luck that no one was killed."

That was the message Judge Philip Crayton gave a local farmer who crashed his vehicle into a fence near Fielding while under the influence.

Ryan Kevin Goble pleaded guilty to a breath alcohol level over 400 mcgs when he appeared in the Whanganui District Court on Tuesday.

Defence lawyer, Anna Brosnahan, said Goble had fallen asleep at the wheel and couldn't recall why he was driving as he had arranged a sober driver to pick him up.


"The vehicle had been written off but luckily no one was hurt."

She said the 25 year-old's father was present in the court room gallery for support.

"This is an embarrassing time for him but he has fixed the farmer's fence and accepts the charges and has entered an immediate guilty plea."

Ms Brosnahan said Goble is a rural farmer and needs his driver's licence for work.

"He's in a position to pay a fine and aware of the potential disqualification of his licence but, given his job and the rural location he resides, this would be problematic."

Judge Crayton said Goble was four times the permitted limit and twice the criminal limit.

"Your decision to drive was utterly impaired by the amount of alcohol you consumed that night.

"It was a grace of good luck that no one was killed. It was a very high reading but realistically, community work isn't going to work."

Judge Crayton said Goble had to understand that he appeared for a third and subsequent drink driving charge and the consequence would be a significant fine.

Gable was ordered to pay a $1500 fine and given a zero alcohol limit while driving for the next three years.