A woman who scammed three victims, swiping hundreds of dollars, was told "your embarrassment will continue as you leave this court".

Trinty Pearson pleaded guilty in Whanganui District Court to three charges of obtaining by deception on Tuesday.

Police prosecutor Rachel Willemsen told the court Pearson had advertised an iPhone 6 on the Facebook page Buy, Sell, Swap Whanganui.

She agreed to sell the same phone to three separate buyers for $320, $330 and $440.
After the she received the money via post Pearson cut off all contact with the victims.


Pearson's lawyer Raukawa Simon said her client had a clean record and this behaviour was out of character but she was under pressure to come up with money quickly.

Judge Dugald Mathesen pondered why the victims sent the money in the first place.

"I may be old fashioned but I question the wisdom of sending cash in the mail to some faceless person. But I suppose that's how things work today and it requires a level of trust."

He ordered Pearson to pay reparations to the three victims and let her know the conviction would stay on her record.

"You will forever been known as a thief in the eyes of the court," he said.

He informed that her employers would be able to see the conviction in a background check should she apply for a job.

"This conviction will stay with you for the rest of your life."

As she attempted to leave the court through the public gallery, Judge Mathesen directed her to sign out via the direction of the cells.


"No not that way. Your embarrassment continues and shall continue as you leave this court," he said.