Whanganui's Canaan Honey is hosting an open evening on Wednesday to kick-start this year's honey season and launch a new business called Hive Share.

John and Janice Brandon founded Canaan Honey 35 years ago and now operate part-time, opening their shop three days a month.

The couple's son Michael has now moved down from Auckland with his wife to start Hive Share - a business that will eventually buy out Canaan Honey when his parents retire.

The launch party will take place at the Canaan Honey shop on Mosston Road in Whanganui. The event starts at 7.30pm and is open to all.


Guests will be invited to observe extraction of this season's honey harvest as well as enjoying honey cookies and honey sweetened tea and coffee.

Michael will be launching a PledgeMe campaign on the night, inviting guests to buy a hive - which the Brandons will manage on their property - and receive a lifetime supply of honey.

He said he was hopeful the mayor would join the event and was looking forward to the big launch.

"You only get one chance for a launch and we want to make it worthwhile which is why we aren't launching the PledgeMe site until Wednesday night," he said.

The celebration will work in with the days Canaan Honey's shop is open this month, which will be this Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.