This was a serious canine lovers' programme. Eager pups getting it on from diving into swimming pools, skidding along the kitchen floor, trying balancing acts along stair rails to feisty knuckle-ups with a head of broccoli.

I simply had to watch these four-legged tykes in Puppies Make You Laugh Out Loud on TV2.

This was a British fun doco but it seemed odd that all these little pups were mostly pedigrees.

Where were the little twice and triple-crossed baby mutts like mum was a fox terrier crossed with a daschund and dad? Well, he was probably a spaniel crossed with a lab or a bulldog.


However, pups are funny whatever their breed or in some cases a specialised cross breed which are fetching amazing prices these days.

For some owners choosing your little signature doggy was like agonising over the style and colour of a new lounge suite.

One couple were thrilled that their pup (a puggle) cross between a pug and a beagle, was grouchiest, unhappiest looking pooch ever.

After posting a pic of a sour-looking pup on social media the little chap's grimace and undershot jaw appealed to thousands. Did they leave it there? Course not.

They starting dressing the poor little boy in all sorts of crazy gear, playing to his growing social media audience.

I was agitated because they had no consideration for the small chap's feelings and while they were busy changing his costumes and making him pose there was no training going on.

One rescue dog was a boxer who had deformed back legs and could not use them. He was such a personable pooch the owner took him to the vet who said the only answer was to amputate the back legs.

He admitted it was a bit do or die.


But it worked and this two-legged boxer pup wearing a fetching green fair isle sweater went on (once healed) to smash the local round the park race with the other dogs in the village.

He outstripped them by metres.

A tiny fox terrier did its damnedest to feign innocence after his owner arrived home to find tissues strewn everywhere.

Owner demanded "did you do this George?"

Small George played possum, staying very still except he'd forgotten he was still wearing the empty tissue box on his head.

Good Dog!