Crumb catcher, snot mop, lip luggage, mouth brow - whatever you call it John Spence's moustache of 40 years will be toast on Saturday.

John's moustache is coming off to raise funds for Movember.

The Whanganui man is part of a group at his Ohakea airbase workplace raising funds for men's health projects, and in particular prostate cancer.

So far they have raised about $1600. John's aim is to add $1000 to the pot.


His ultimate sacrifice has been approved by his wife Linda but he will start growing it again on Saturday afternoon.

He started filling in his top lip age 16. Neither his wife, nor his children, grandchildren or work mates have seen his without a moustache. He expects tears.

It will be a bit of a surprise to John as well.

"That's what I'm a bit pensive about. Will I recognise myself in the mirror?"

His daughter Kirstin Belton has been his "campaign manager" for the cause and the 'tache will be taken off at Video Ezy in Victoria Ave at midday on Saturday. John co-owns the store with his daughter. Barber Town will be doing the honours.

John's not too worried about remaining bare lipped for the first time since he was a school boy.

"It might be challenging to see what I look like but at the end of the day, it will grow back."

John himself had prostate cancer so he knows what the cause is about. He was diagnosed five years ago and his most recent check up saw him "good to go."

If anyone would like to donate to John's Movember fundraising you can leave a donation at Video Ezy or put money in the special bank account set up under the name of DL and KM Belton: 02-07920014477-02.