Jigsaw Whanganui will be able to hire a new social worker, thanks in part to an injection of funds from the first of what will become an annual duck race on the Whanganui River.

Race organiser Daniel Goldsworthy handed over $10,648 to Jigsaw Whanganui yesterday after 10,000 plastic ducks were raced downstream from the Dublin Bridge in November.

"It is a tremendous event to be associated with," Tim Metcalfe of Jigsaw Whanganui said.

"Along with other generous contributions from supporters our social work team will be boosted to 12. The race has made a huge difference."


Jigsaw administrator Rachel Doble said it was a busy time for the organisation as the lead in to the Christmas period was always a stressful time for families and relationships.

"Having another social worker available to engage with families will enable us to be more responsive," Ms Doble said.

In a show of gratitude Ms Doble and Mr Metcalfe presented Mr Goldsworthy with a framed card signed by the staff at Jigsaw, the trading name of the Family Support Services Whanganui Trust.

Mr Goldsworthy, known also as Plumber Dan, said the race would be held again next year.

"We had a few teething issues with some ducks not doing what they were supposed to, but yes, we'll be back next year," he said.

Prizewinners and a video from this year's race is available on the Jigsaw Whanganui Facebook page.