Bernie Griffen and Kirsten Warner present a mix of music and poetry at the Whanganui Musicians' Club this Friday.

Griffen has played in Whanganui twice before, club co-president John Keating said.

"He's an ex-fishing boat captain and reformed alcoholic, a salty sea dog sort of a dude."

His songs are poignant and semi-political. His 29 Diamonds was about the Pike River mining tragedy.


His music has been described as gritty, dark and raw. One critic even asked whether he could be New Zealand's Nick Cave.

He'll be accompanied by The Thin Men band - a bassist, guitarist and drummer.

His partner and long-time collaborator, Kirsten Warner, is a published poet and novelist as well as a musician. She will be reading her poems, singing and playing acoustic guitar.

Much of the show will consist of numbers from Bernie Griffen and The Thin Men's new album, Salvation.

"Get along to a venue near you and be saved," the publicity information says.

Griffen and Warner will be performing during one of the club's regular first Friday of the month concerts, Mr Keating said.

The doors will open at 7pm. The other performers will be "the usual local hotshots" and touring singer-songwriter Lola Sola.

Tickets can be bought at the door - $5 for club members and $10 for others.