Wanganui Surf Lifeguard Service have a stylish new logo courtesy of UCOL design student Paul Pert.

As a Castlecliff resident, Mr Pert said the lifeguard service immediately came to mind when he needed to work on an internship assignment for his third year in computer graphic design.

"Because they are part of a national organisation, they already have a brand so I wanted to make sure it was okay for me to do something that the local branch could use."

Mr Pert contacted Surf Life Saving central manager Charlie Caldwell who agreed that the logo would be fine for local use.


Surf Life Saving New Zealand's logo with three life guards and flags is one that people recognise and Mr Caldwell said as long as that is used for signage, Mr Pert's work is fine for use in Whanganui.

"We need to make sure the national brand is protected so it doesn't lead to confusion but the work that Paul has done looks great."

Whanganui Surf Life Saving promotions officer Melanie Miller said Mr Pert's logo design can be used for business cards and letterheads.

"We are really pleased that Paul chose us for the assignment, it's one of many thoughtful acts that the community has done for us this year," she said.

The surf club have received a ute from Wanganui Toyota and two boat trailers from Ali Arc Industries as well as other support.

In addition to the logo design, Mr Pert has designed an interactive "rip tips" poster which has beach safety advice hidden beneath tearable tabs.

"I made it interactive because I wanted it to appeal to kids," he said.

"Rips are a serious concern for people swimming at Castlecliff and I've been swimming there for years myself without a good awareness of them."

With his studies coming to an end, Mr Pert says he would like to stay and work in Whanganui if there is opportunity here.