A breath alcohol level four times the legal limit raised the eyebrows of Whanganui District Court Judge Philip Crayton on Tuesday.

John Henry Tweed had 966mcg of alcohol per litre of breath on September 29, after he nearly collided with a police car in Aramoho.

He pleaded guilty to two charges of driving with excess alcohol. The earlier charge was made on May 12, after he was found asleep at a petrol station and had a high level of alcohol in his blood.

"I have great concern that you come to the attention of police twice in these circumstances. I think we need to know a bit more," Judge Crayton said.


Tweed was remanded on bail, for sentence on February 23.

He was one of four pleading guilty to the same charge on November 1. Jeremiah Peipi had one previous charge of excess breath alcohol. He is a solo father with three young children, lawyer Jamie Waugh said.

His breath alcohol level was more than twice the criminal limit. He was sentenced to 120 hours of community work and disqualified for six months. After that he will have to apply for a zero alcohol licence.

Terrence Rangi Kuru pleaded guilty to one charge of driving with excess alcohol and one of driving while forbidden. He will be sentenced on January 16.

Loretta Hogg pleaded guilty to one charge of driving with excess breath alcohol, and has two previous convictions for the same thing. She has referred herself to get help, lawyer Debbie Goodlet said. She will be sentenced on February 23.