Members of St Anthony's Catholic Church in Gonville celebrated one of their important festivals with a procession through the streets of Gonville on Sunday morning.

Several hundred church members took part in the procession to mark the Feast of Christ the King.

The brightly-coloured procession started at the church, made its way along Alma Rd, down Moore St and onto Gonville Domain. Parishioners carried flags and banners, sang hymns and scattered rose petals.

At the centre of the procession were the church's priests under a canopy, carrying a monstrance containing the consecrated host which Catholics believe is the body of Christ.


Father Louis Bochkoltz said the festival was in effect a royal procession, showing God's "kingship".

He said the festival was a special one for all St Anthony's parishioners.

"Everyone makes a particular effort to prepare for this feast day... everyone dresses in their Sunday best and follows flags and banners to publicly honour Christ."

After the procession, the church held a shared lunch, followed by a talk by Fr Bochkoltz on the church's mission to Vanuatu.

St Anthony's Church is part of a Catholic organisation called Society of St Pius X, which adheres to traditional elements of the church such as saying the Mass (church service) in Latin.