She may be Whanganui's deputy-mayor but Jenny Duncan says that doesn't mean she will not be expressing her own opinion around the Whanganui District Council table.

Ms Duncan was named as Hamish McDouall's second-in-command when the new council was sworn in this week.

The second term councillor said she was aware that her new role was one of supporting the city's leader mayor.

"We haven't discussed every detail about my role but we've been able to observe each other during the last three years. I think we've got the measure of each other.


"He knows he can trust me but he also knows that I've got my own opinion and I have the community at heart. That's where I'll always come from; what's best for Whanganui."

The day after the election Mr McDouall said whoever was to be his deputy would have to be someone he could trust implicitly and Ms Duncan said she could understand that.

As part of a council which includes seven newcomers she said the council was one which showed a diverse range of skills.

"If we can come together as a team we could be formidable. That's the thing. As the Mayor has said time and again, every one of us has the best interests of Whanganui at heart. Every one of us stood because of our love for Whanganui so that's the priority.

"If we can all accept that from each other then we can work together and achieve those things.

"We've all got a focus on economic development that we need more jobs, more business and better incomes.

"That's what it boils down to. We all feel the same so we just need to get on with it," Ms Duncan said.