Whanganui's 25th annual City Mission food drive has been a huge success says co-ordinator Linda Taumoeanga.
"We're really rapt about what we got and we thank everyone for donating."

On Thursday night for five hours students from Collegiate, the YMCA and The Rotary Club gathered canned food and non-perishable donations left at local letterboxes.
Mrs Taumoeanga says the drive couldn't have been done without the help of these volunteers.
"There's just no way, so thank you everyone for your hard work."

After the food is collected it is sorted into parcels for locals in need of assistance.
"We hand out 25 to 30 parcels a week, and this food drive keeps us going for six months," said Mrs Taumoeanga.

City mission do not recieve funding by the government and rely on these donations.


Mrs Taumoeanga has been with the City Mission for five years and is always pleased with local generosity.
"We're wonderfully supported by the Whanganui community."

If you would like to donate the City Mission food can be delivered to 7 Park Place from 9am to 3pm or contact 063452139.