Just 23 of the Cavaliers Spinners' employees left without a job after the company restructured are still searching for work.

Cavalier announced in April that it would restructure the company, with the bulk of its work moving to Napier. All 108 spinning jobs will be lost in Whanganui and 40 different jobs in felting will be created, making a total of 68 job losses in Whanganui. The company's spinning operation will move from its factory in Castlecliff to its plant in Napier. Meanwhile, the felting factory in Christchurch would be shut, with a loss of 36 jobs, and that operation would move to Whanganui.

The restructuring project is due to be complete on October 28.

Cavalier worker Tony Mudgway has been employed part-time in a job seeker role for the past few months, helping his co-workers find other positions.


Mr Mudgway said things had been tough for the workers since the restructuring was announced, but staff had been doing their best to get the job done.

The average amount of time workers had been employed by Cavalier Spinners was 17 years, Mr Mudgway said.

Four staff have transferred to the Napier plant, with another moving to Napier to work for a different plant. Four have moved overseas and nine are retiring.

More workers have been offered by other Whanganui businesses. Mr Mudgway said he is in regular contact with local businesses to discuss placing workers.

"We've had a really good response from the businesses. Larsens Concrete have taken on three, and have said they'll take more. Axiam and Land Meat and a few other companies have employed some of our workers. The Ministry of Social Development has also been really helpful.

"Ideally, all the 23 who still have to get new jobs will be able to find work in Whanganui," he said.

Mr Mudgway is one of the 23 who haven't yet found other work.

Kaye Hearfield from FIRST Union said the hardest thing for the workers was finding jobs that offered the same stability as their work at Cavalier.

"It's getting the regular 40 hours a week, and getting something that's above minimum wage, that's the big challenge."

She said the company had mostly been very good to deal with over the job losses. She also praised Mr Mudgway for his efforts.

"He's been a life-line for the workers."

If you are able to offer work to any of the Cavalier employees, please contact Tony Mudgway on 022-0239002.