Stolen clothing worth $80 could see a Whanganui woman sent to prison.

Kelly Anne Benny pleaded guilty to a charge of shoplifting from The Warehouse when she appeared in the Whanganui District Court on Tuesday.

Benny admitted going to The Warehouse in Trafalgar Square and taking $80 worth of women's clothing without paying for it.

Judge Philip Crayton remanded Benny to re-appear in January for sentencing. He warned her that because of her extensive list of convictions, she could face jail.


Meanwhile, Keanu Ngaio Taurerewa will learn his fate in mid-November after he pleaded guilty to three burglary charges and one wilful damage charge.

Taurerewa went on a burglary spree in September and early October, targeting construction company Wells and Wadsworth. In one of the burglaries, he stole $5000 worth of tools from a construction site in St Hill St.

Chloe Monique Benny was sentenced to 12 months' supervision after pleading guilty to a charge of common assault.

She admitted kicking and striking her partner during an argument.

Her lawyer, Harete Hipango, said the relationship was troubled and Benny had an anxiety disorder which she was seeking assistance for.

"She takes responsibility for her actions and is remorseful for what she has done," Ms Hipango said.

Judge Crayton said the victim impact statement indicated that the incident was "not something which was isolated".

"Your [criminal] history concerns me. You have a conviction for assault in 2008, and more recently there was a series of offences which reflect that alcohol is a problem for you."

Judge Crayton said Benny may be required to attend domestic violence and alcohol programmes as part of her supervision.

"These are designed to help you," he told Benny.