They may be individually small but a group of Castlecliff pupils have shown huge community spirit that has earned them an award from Trustpower.

"This team of girls were nominated as they volunteered to be volunteers - in other words we didn't even realise we needed them until they stepped in and started setting up our breakfast club each morning," said Castlecliff principal Katherine Ellery.

Mrs Ellery said there is a paid adult worker who oversees the club each morning but as the school roll has been growing, so has the demand for breakfast.

"The girls formed a rota and arrived at school early to set up the breakfast so we could accommodate two sittings.


"They also stayed on and cleaned up the kitchen which meant our adult could get to class on time for her teacher aide role."

When the adult worker became ill and had to have considerable time off, the girls stepped up and ran the breakfast club.

"They are a wonderful team and I am so pleased they won an award as they deserve the recognition that goes with it," said Mrs Ellery.

As the Trustpower Community Volunteer Awards were held during the school holidays, the girls did not get to attend the ceremony.

Mayor Annette Main made a special visit to Castlecliff School to present the children with their award on Friday.