The provision of dialysis services in Whanganui will be a priority for one newly-elected Whanganui District Health Board member.

Graham Adams said he was "very satisfied" to get the support of voters as he become one of three newcomers to the health board, along with former Whanganui mayor Annette Main and district councillor Charlie Anderson.

"One issue I have grizzled about is the lack of dialysis facilities in Whanganui," Mr Adams told the Chronicle after Saturday's election.

"We have people having to travel to Palmerston North several times a week to get treatment and we have others who have to do their own treatment at home.


"Providing dialysis services in Whanganui is one thing I would like some action on."

Mr Adams, who has also led Whanganui's Grey Power organisation and Ratepayers Association, said he had been following health board issues closely in recent months - "and there is a lot of information to deal with".

He served one term as a health board member from 2004. "Then I got dumped and I've been licking my wounds ever since."

Only one health board member was unseated in Saturday's election, with Ray Stevens losing his position, while Kate Joblin and Allan Anderson had both resigned from the board at the end of the term.

Whanganui District Health Board
ANNETTE MAIN Elected 4169
JUDITH MacDONALD Elected 2496.51
GRAHAM ADAMS Elected 2474.49
JENNY DUNCAN Elected 2472.08
STUART HYLTON Elected 2336.57
RAY STEVENS Excluded 2210.75
KIRITAHI FIRMIN Excluded 1557.02
ROB VINSEN Excluded 1220.25
CHRISTIE TEKI Excluded 1039.62
SUSAN OSBORNE Excluded 838.38
RANGI WILLS Excluded 632.04
NGAIRE ELLWOOD Excluded 402.31