A short romance is the feature for this week's Whanganui Film Society.

A brief encounter proves mutually disarming for two temperamentally opposite young men in Weekend, by writer and director Andrew Haigh.

Russell, a pool lifeguard, parties with his straight friends before heading to a bar where he picks up Glen. Glen turns out next morning to be a right live wire, a one-man gay liberation front, not really Russell's style at all. Could be, though, that what separates these two is stuff that registers deep with them both.

Writing for the Austin Chronicle, reviewer James Renovitch wrote: "...the real joy of Haigh's film is in watching two people make bedrooms, overpasses, kitchenettes, and couches feel alive with potent conversation and pregnant silences. As the end to the tumultuous weekend approaches, the camera dreads the impending loss as much as the characters."


Weekend screens at 7pm, October 10 at the Davis Theatre. Entry is by membership only. For more information visit www.whanganuifilmsociety.org.nz.